Energy storage

Power the future of energy

Achieve operating strategy flexibility while safeguarding your business case with predictive battery insights.

Solar Panel

Ensure that your batteries are reliable and sustainable.

TWAICE enables the energy sector to enhance their battery game – generate more value with your ESS with our battery analytics software.

Improved operating strategies
Prevent safety incidents
Extended lifetime
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Energy Solutions

Optimize your energy projects with predictive battery analytics.

Predictive Battery Analytics that increase revenue over longer lifecycles

Added value for the entire battery operation

The right solution for you – whether you are an ESS integrator, an operator, or an investor.

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Optimal battery choices & pre sales support

Set up your energy storage system according to your individual operating strategy requirements. Find the right battery for your energy and power requirements. Prevent costly oversizing by simulating a range of battery scenarios. Then configure your systems accordingly or select the most appropriate overall system.

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Illustration of the state of health of a battery

Increased battery lifetime & profitability.

Get reliable data on battery health through remote monitoring and battery analytics to manage your batteries efficiently and increase their lifetime. Anomalies and trends can be detected early to avoid costly breakdowns and increase customer satisfaction. A failure probability prediction by our battery analytics additionally allows you to customize maintenance timing and increase planning security. Additionally, warranty can be tracked, and the batteries used accordingly.

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Be on the safe side

Increased financial security

Tracking the batteries’ warranty status enables you to efficiently back up warranty claims and manage your operations within the warranty limits. A combined offer by TWAICE and Munich Re allows you to limit maintenance cost to a certain threshold and increases planning security.

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December 23, 2022

Battery industry 2023: More sustainability, safety and independence

Battery industry predictions for 2023 by Dr. Matthias Simolka, Senior Technical Solution Engineer at TWAICE
TWAICE Model Library
November 9, 2022

Improve battery system design with battery simulation models

Batteries are a key technology in the transition to carbon-free mobility. When it comes to designing battery systems for electric products, batteries must meet certain requirements that must still be met after years of operation, in order to avoid jeopardizing the intended business case and damaging companies. TWAICE's simulation models help engineers make the right decisions fast when designing a battery system, leading to reduced risks, improved reliability, and faster time to market.